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Thread Subject:
Isosurface transposed X,Y axes?

Subject: Isosurface transposed X,Y axes?

From: Chuck37

Date: 18 Aug, 2010 23:25:23

Message: 1 of 1

Can someone explain this?

for x=1:100
 for y=1:100
  for z=1:100
   E(x,y,z)=norm([x y z]-[10 20 30]);


One might expect a sphere centered on (10,20,30) of radius 10. Right? However,

hold on

does not put an 'o' in the center of the sphere. Why not? It appears to be transposed in x/y. If I loop through z and transpose all the x/y sub-matrices, it looks as I would expect. Am I doing something wrong?

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