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Thread Subject:
fourier transform

Subject: fourier transform

From: sonia

Date: 21 Aug, 2010 12:43:04

Message: 1 of 1

I am trying to simulate the next equation : (this is the output energy of the fresnel diffractive system)
YY(x,y )=exp[1iH*(x^2+y^2)] *int (int ( t(x',y ')× exp[1iA*( x'^2 + y'^2)] ×exp[-1iB*(xx' + yy')] ))dx'dy'
Where A, B and H are a given fonction.

I have do the first part of this equation :

> delta=0.2;
> f=(0:199)*delta+f0;
> H(1:199)=f(1:199).*D(1:199)./B(1:199);
> YY=0;
> squares=(1:N).^2;
> MN=bsxfun(@plus,squares.',squares);
> for i=2:200
> YY=YY+exp(1j*H(i-1).*MN);
> end
> imshow(YY)

and I need your help to simulate the second part, which correspond to the fft2 of the equation

I can't use fft2 function??

Big thanks for taking a time to help me

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