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Thread Subject:
Nlfilter_extremely slow

Subject: Nlfilter_extremely slow

From: doug kopet

Date: 22 Aug, 2010 07:33:04

Message: 1 of 1

Hello guys,

With the help of ImageAnalyst, I am using 2 functions below for using nfilter. but the problem is that its very slow...too slow.

I'd like to ask for some help on a faster option for processing time.

You can get my image at :


clear all;
close all;

A = imread('dougyspic.png');

IM_Original = rgb2gray(A) ;

Block = [ 500 500];
standardDeviationFunction = @(x) std2(x(:));
standardDeviationImage = nlfilter(IM_Original, Block, standardDeviationFunction);

MeanFilterFunction = @(x) mean2(x(:));
meanImage = nlfilter(IM_Original, Block, MeanFilterFunction);


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