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Thread Subject:
Bold Words in errordlg()

Subject: Bold Words in errordlg()

From: machatsk

Date: 25 Aug, 2010 17:44:05

Message: 1 of 2

Hello all,
    Is it possible to make a select word bold in an errordlg() string?

Subject: Bold Words in errordlg()

From: Ross B.

Date: 25 Aug, 2010 18:05:25

Message: 2 of 2

Errordlg calls msgbox, which can be used with a LaTex interpreter to display bold, Greek letters, etc.

Copy errordlg.m and create a custom errordlg function which calls msgbox with a flag to use LaTex interpretation for the input string.

From 'doc msgbox' :

h = msgbox(...,CreateMode) specifies whether the message box is modal or nonmodal. Optionally, it can also specify an interpreter for Message and Title.
If CreateMode is a structure, it can have fields WindowStyle and Interpreter. The WindowStyle field must be one of the values in the table above. Interpreter is one of the strings'tex' or 'none'. The default value for Interpreter is 'none'.

So look at errordlg and modify the line pertaining to msgbox to get LaTex interpretation.

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