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Thread Subject:
pcolor/ clustergram/ imagesc

Subject: pcolor/ clustergram/ imagesc

From: Frank Sabouri

Date: 27 Aug, 2010 21:09:05

Message: 1 of 2

Hi all -

If I want to illustrate a matrix of "X" that is n-by-m via using 'pcolor (X)', the output shows a matrix that is n-1-by-m-1. I would like to keep the lines that separate each value in illustrated figure as ‘pcolor’ did. Using other functions such as 'clustergram' or 'imagesc', although size output and input matrices are the same, the lines were disappeared in output figures. May anyone help me to solve this problem?



Subject: pcolor/ clustergram/ imagesc

From: ImageAnalyst

Date: 27 Aug, 2010 21:24:43

Message: 2 of 2

Frank :
Try this:
it will be 5 blocks by 5 blocks, not 4 blocks by 4 blocks like
pcolor. No black lines separating the blocks though - you'd have to
draw them yourself.

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