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Thread Subject:
Crossing a set of 2d lines at given angle

Subject: Crossing a set of 2d lines at given angle

From: Johannes Korsawe

Date: 14 Sep, 2010 07:44:07

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Dear community,

i have another task to solve.
Consider a set of lines in 2d which is - more-or-less - parallel but also curved. ( e.g. a set of halfcircles with growing radius but same midpoint).

Now i want to find a line (from a given starting point), which crosses each line of this set at a given angle. I.e. for the set of halfcircles, the midpoint and 90 degrees, this would be the rays from the prolonged radii.

The question is if there is an analytical or constructive way to do this for an arbitrary set of lines, an arbitrary starting point and an arbitrary angle.

Is there a way to define a potential and somehow combine tangents and gradients to the potential field for the correct crossing angle?

Best regards,

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