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Thread Subject:
simulink integrate and dump block continous sample times?

Subject: simulink integrate and dump block continous sample times?

From: matt reister

Date: 16 Sep, 2010 10:28:05

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I am having a really frustrating problem with the integrate and dump block from the communication toolbox concerning the sample times. What I am trying to do is simulate a communication system that has a integrate and dump block on the receiver and also a filter from the signal processing toolbox that is a continuous time block. When I insert this block I get and error from the integrate and dump block that says I cannot have continuous time blocks in my model. Fair enough so I insert a zero-order hold block after the continuous filter and to create a sampled version of the output from the filter. This works fine except when I try to have the sample period of the zero-order hold block be less than .001 seconds. If it is less than this I receive that same error message as before saying that I cannot have a continuous time sample block in my model…… wtf. It seems that when the
sample period is less than .001 it interprets the block as being continuous time…… Does anyone have some insight for me?

O and the exact error I am recieving is:

Error reported by S-function 'scomintegdump' in 'DSSS_SimulinkModel/Integrate and Dump':
All sample times for this block must be discrete.
No continuous or constant sample times are allowed.

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