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Thread Subject:
get image from axes

Subject: get image from axes

From: Ashar

Date: 18 Sep, 2010 04:50:05

Message: 1 of 1

i have created a figure contained single axes, i use this axes to display image from my webcam. then I put some additional line into the axes using "line" command, I want to capture image from the axes. i have tried using getframe, getimage etc but it doesnt work. the image that I've acquired from axes is not image i wanted, the line is gone...

here my simple code :
i put my image into axes using
then I add some line using
h=line ([10,12],[45,46],'Color','white','LineWidth',5);
these line was exist in the axes display
i want image from the axes so i use getframe, getimage etc
but the only image i got was an image without "line"

does anybody know how to get image from axes ? (including additional line that i've mentioned before)
may you explain to me how "getframe(h) and getimage(h)" works ?

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