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Thread Subject:
cannot open .mat-file from outside matlab

Subject: cannot open .mat-file from outside matlab

From: Verena Feirer

Date: 29 Sep, 2010 07:23:07

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Since my computer has been upgraded to win7x64, it has troubles opening .mat files correctly.
At first, the problem was that windows and office belived the .mat files to be Access files. I had the same problem on winXP earlier but was able to solve it then by re-associating the -mat-extension with Matlab (R2009b 64bit btw). Unfortunately, I was not so lucky under win7. In the end, I un-installed Access and re-installed Matlab (just to be on the safe side?).
So now, when opening a .m or .fig file from the explorer by double-clicking, it opens the Figure/Data in Matlab. BUT when double-clicking on a .mat file, it opens up a NEW MATLAB, no matter how many instances are open (and ready) already. And what annoys me even more is that it still does not import the data from my .mat file into the new Matlab's workspace. It just stays empty and the Import Wizard never opens.
So it seems my system knows it should open .mat files with Matlab while at the same time there is still some unresolved issue floating around.

Has anyone of you encountered the same error? Has anyone been able to solve it?

Sure, I can always use the workaround of typing "load(['loooong path my_matfile.mat']), but I would really prefer it the other way round.

Thanks for any hints/tips/suggestions in advance.


btw: my registry-key for .mat is... sort of empty-ish, too. *sigh*

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