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Thread Subject:
saving an image

Subject: saving an image

From: Alex

Date: 29 Sep, 2010 13:59:22

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I am trying to save one image from video stream that I have from my camera.
here is my code:

function imagesaving
imwrite(im,'C:\Documents and Settings\mlm-ad\Desktop\M files\newimg.jpg','jpg')

this what I got after some secs:

Error event occurred at 15:31:39 for video input object: F0M5_Mono8_640x480-avtmatlabadaptor_r2009a-1.
GETDATA timed out before FRAMES were available.
??? Error using ==> imaqdevice.getdata at 153
GETDATA timed out before FRAMES were available.

Error in ==> imagesaving at 7

I wonder how could I solve this problem. I would be grateful for your help.


Subject: saving an image

From: David Young

Date: 29 Sep, 2010 14:57:05

Message: 2 of 3

If you really just want one image from the camera, perhaps it's worth trying getsnapshot.

Otherwise, what you need to do is put the call to getdata into a callback function and register this with the video object. Then it will get called when a frame is ready. See the examples in the Image Acquisition Toolbox documentation.

Subject: saving an image

From: Alex

Date: 30 Sep, 2010 14:30:08

Message: 3 of 3

David Thanks for the hints it was helpful.

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