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Thread Subject:
suspending at the unix command line is flaky

Subject: suspending at the unix command line is flaky

From: Rob Campbell

Date: 29 Sep, 2010 15:29:20

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I usually run Matlab at the command line using the -nodesktop -nosplash flags. By pressing ctrl-z I can suspend Matlab, work at the command line, and them resume it using the shell's "fg" command. There's a catch, however, the first time I try to return to Matlab it never works: I just loose my command prompt and nothing further happens. I have to press ctrl-z a second time and again attempt to bring Matlab to the foreground. Then it works.

This business of having to do this twice has been occurring on both OS-X and Linux for at least the last 3 years. That means that I've had the problem across multiple versions of both Matlab and Linux. Anyone else experienced this?


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