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Thread Subject:
Best way to perform stream processing with matlab

Subject: Best way to perform stream processing with matlab

From: Cody

Date: 7 Oct, 2010 18:42:03

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Hello, I have a custom ADC board and USB interface along with some software that writes ADC samples from the board to files on a hard disk up to 40MB/s. The size of the raw data files are specified in an initialization file. Each acquired data file is usually ~100MB. The samples from the ADC are each two bytes long (int16 format). What is the best way to bring the samples into Matlab in an incremental fashion? Currently I use the memmapfile() functionality and loop through each file, processing one "block" of data on each loop. Typically a block is ~10MB of data, but the processing block size is just another initialization parameter. Is there a better way to do this? I know there's been talk about system objects for this application, but these seem to be tuned for images and not data in samples in an arbitrary ieee format. Thanks for all your help!

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