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Thread Subject:
No MATLAB stickers shipped with the DVD anymore :(

Subject: No MATLAB stickers shipped with the DVD anymore :(

From: Aurelien Queffurust

Date: 8 Oct, 2010 13:10:05

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Hi !

Usually when I write in this forum is to help customers for installation or MATLAB compiler issues but today I would lile to use this forum to complain about a"big marketing" issue ;)

French version :
J'adorais recevoir des autocollants MATLAB à chaque nouvelle release MATLAB , mes collègues me les demandaient mais maintenant j'ai remarqué depuis quelques releases ce n'est plus le cas, fini les autocollants ..snif snif les temps sont durs, alors svp remettez nous des autocollants pour la R2011a !

English :
I really enjoyed receiving my MATLAB stickers each time I requested a MATLAB DVD for a new release. My coworkers (and licensed users ) who are like me "MATLAB geeks" were very happy to get their sticker... so please for 11a, insert stickers when you ship us DVD!!!

For fun:
I wanted to know the reason, so as a MATLAB geek, I typed the why command in MATLAB , and have a guess what the answer is:
Jack insisted on it


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