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Thread Subject:
Setting different path for different users

Subject: Setting different path for different users

From: Camille Couzi

Date: 20 Oct, 2010 16:02:04

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I am working on a Windows 7 server at my work, with my user name.
I am working on a file fulled with m files programs. These file is set on the path.

The thing is, sometimes I make a copy of the file, that I save on another place of the computer, so that my boss can test the program. The problem is that is I add the path of the place where the testing file is located, when I run my program from the origiinal file, there is a conflict between the two paths (because the mfiles inside have the same names...)

So my question is: is there a way to tell matlab: "when user1 is running a program who calls some subprograms, go to find these subprograms in file1, and when user2is running the program who calls these subprograms, find them in file2".

I hope my question is clear, sorry for my bad english...
Thanks in advance for your help!!!


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