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Thread Subject:
How to plot an ellipse in GUI axses

Subject: How to plot an ellipse in GUI axses

From: roobi o

Date: 31 Oct, 2010 20:36:03

Message: 1 of 2

I have an ellipse like this:

axesm mercator
ecc = axes2ecc(Semia(i)*Selips,Semib(i)*Selips);
plotm(Yy(i)/Ssa,Xx(i)/Ssa,'r+') % Plot + in Center
textm(Yy(i)/Ssa,Xx(i)/Ssa, sprintf(' %d', stnn(i))) % Plot station number
[elat,elon] = ellipse1(Yy(i)/Ssa,Xx(i)/Ssa,[Semia(i)*Selips ecc],ttt(i));
plotm(elat,elon) % Plot ellipse

How can I transfer them into GUI. When I push a button, my function runs and ellipses displays in axes

I tried following commands but error seems to be appeared.

function pushbutton2_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
axesm mercator

hold on
textm(handles.axe,Yy,Xx,sprintf(' %d ', stnn(i)))

Subject: How to plot an ellipse in GUI axses

From: roobi o

Date: 1 Nov, 2010 15:48:03

Message: 2 of 2

I found answers ;)

axes(handles.axe) % Select the proper axes

axesm mercator

ecc = axes2ecc(10,5);


[elat,elon] = ellipse1(50,100,[10 ecc],45);


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