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Thread Subject:
Dimension Reduction using PCA for Image Array

Subject: Dimension Reduction using PCA for Image Array

From: Nehal

Date: 4 Nov, 2010 13:45:05

Message: 1 of 1

I have a [1400x256] matrix called "A". Each 1400-row contains a gray image and each 256-column contains the features. That means, 1st row contains the 1st gray image and the columns of the 1st row contains the features of the 1st image. Same for 2nd row, 3rd row and so on. In my case, the features are just the image array values.

Now I want to use PCA to reduce the dimension of the matrix and train using some other methods like PNN or something else. But I am stuck with the PCA part. I want my matrix to be a reduced size of [1400x16] or [1400x20]. I want to take the important features from each image so that after training with those values, I can match/test the values with other images later.

Any help..? Plz.

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