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Thread Subject:
what do i do to draw a graph in this run?

Subject: what do i do to draw a graph in this run?

From: raaj kumar

Date: 14 Nov, 2010 01:19:05

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This is what i have so far:

%generating function for cumulative particle size distribution with d50 =
%5, w= 0.45, these are boltzmann parameters

d50 = 5; w=0.45;
w0=0.45; %initial width distribution
%particle size dist model
kd =700;

n =5;
p =650;

% the basis for a new average and particle distribution is defined by d50s
% aka d50star

if p >115;
    if n>0;
        d50s =exp(-kd*(n^0.4)*(p-115));
    else d50s=0;

% size distribution width defined by w

if d50s<0.33;
w= ( 1 + 2.33*d50s)*w0;
else w =(3.4-5.5 * d50s)*w0;

% mean size
d50 = (1-d50s) * d500;
%plotting the graph

and thts where im stuk, according to my help function sheet the next part is supposed to be written lyk this:

%plotting graph
[d, f0] = cpsdf (d500, w0);
[d, fN] = cpsdf (d50, w);

I DONT UNDERSTAND THIS!!! is the 'cpsdf' the name of this particulaer example file? what do they mean when they use f0 and fN, as you can see n 5 but N...i have npo idea....what are they trying to get me to do????

Subject: what do i do to draw a graph in this run?

From: NonaHines

Date: 1 Dec, 2010 12:08:40

Message: 2 of 2

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