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Thread Subject:
Even number/Odd number if statement

Subject: Even number/Odd number if statement

From: Stuart

Date: 6 Dec, 2010 10:50:05

Message: 1 of 1


Currently im writing a code for fun that simulates a roulette wheel. i have coded it such that i can choose a number to bet on and it works fine. however it doesnt work when i tell it to bet odd or even.

The if statement im using contains these lines
if bet_number ==33
    if mod(Result+1,2)
       Cash = Cash + bet;
        Cash = Cash - bet;
if bet_number ==34
    if mod(Result,2)
       Cash = Cash + bet;
        Cash = Cash - bet;

bet_number ==33 denotes bet all odd numbers
bet_number ==34 denotes bet all even numbers

this combined with the rest of my script doesnt seem to work.

are there alternate functions i can uses as an if statement for if this is odd or if this is even, do this instead of mod

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