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Thread Subject:
Reshape Array

Subject: Reshape Array

From: Twilighter

Date: 19 Dec, 2010 10:06:04

Message: 1 of 1

I really dont understand the mathematical meaning of the reshape function in matlab
it's to reshape, or resize the array using the given dimensions
it's used with the transforms ... DWT, DCT, but i dont get the point of using it mathematically .... although it's widely used in most of the image processing programs which i encounter.

 like here for example

blocksize = 8;

[CA1, cH1, cV1, cD1] = dwt2 (w, 'haar');
[CA2, cH2, cV2, cD2] = dwt2 (cA1, 'haar');
    a = [cA2, cH2, cV2, cD2];
    ca = reshape (a, 1, (blocksize ^ 2) / 4);
    ca2 = reshape (cA2, 1, (blocksize ^ 2) / 16);
    ch2 = reshape (cH2, 1, (blocksize ^ 2) / 16);
    cv2 = reshape (cV2, 1, (blocksize ^ 2) / 16);
    cd2 = reshape (cD2, 1, (blocksize ^ 2) / 16);

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