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Thread Subject:
Image Features and FCM

Subject: Image Features and FCM

From: Twilighter

Date: 21 Dec, 2010 11:42:13

Message: 1 of 1

I'm using dwt to extract image features from "Lena image", i extracted the texture feature from the HH,HL,LH wavelet coefficient & now i have 3 matrix each one is corresponding to the image feature of one of the Wavelet coefficient matrices

now i need to use these matrices as the input to the FCM function so i can cluster the data i have

my question is that the "U" matrix or the initial matrix which i have to to use as the input matrix to the fcm function must have a rang of values between [0,1] how can i modify my matrices values where i have values like -20.45 also +25.65 and so on, so how can i reprocess my matrices before using them with the fcm function

also if you have any other suggestions for me, it's all welcome


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