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Thread Subject:
Graphics issue: figures freezing

Subject: Graphics issue: figures freezing

From: Claudio

Date: 13 Jan, 2011 13:30:08

Message: 1 of 1

I am experiencing big issues with Matlab graphics.
Whenever I stop (CTRL^C) a script which is plotting a figure, the figure stops refreshing, giving the "can your Mac do that" effect reported below:

I can still drag the figure around and resize it, and Matlab isn't frozen.
Matlab always worked fine on my PC, then this issue started slowly (with an initial decrease in graphics performances), up to the presente complete freeze of figures.

It happens anytime I CTRL^C, even with the following basic script:

x = 1:50;
y = 1:50;

for k = linspace(0,10,800)
    plot(x, y*k)
    axis([0 50 0 500])

Sometimes it happens randomly, even without CTRL^Cing.

Other symptoms are present (although not necessarily related):

- Manipulation of 3D images is impossible since lag is too long, even with surfaces of 10 vertices
- Graphic performances given by the bench function are not bad (0.27s for 2D and 0.8s for 3D, 3D is perhaps a bit too long)
- First Matlab startup (right after booting) is very slow:

MATLAB Startup Performance Metrics (In Seconds)
total item gap description
 0.00 0.00 0.00 MATLAB script
 3.10 3.10 0.00 main
 3.15 0.02 0.02 LM Startup
 3.16 0.00 0.01 splash
 3.20 0.00 0.04 mnSigInit
110.48 107.28 0.00 mljInit
122.41 11.93 0.00 StartDesktop
122.43 119.23 0.00 Java initialization
122.78 0.35 0.00 hgInitialize
124.95 1.07 1.10 psParser
125.36 0.09 0.32 cachepath
127.54 0.66 1.52 matlabpath
129.07 3.71 0.00 matlabrc

If I close and restart Matlab, then startup is much faster (mljInit takes 6.01 seconds)

Things I tried:
- Updated NVIDIA drivers
- Updated JAVA
- Updated Matlab to R2010b
- Change the figure renderer to zbuffer, painters, opengl software & hardware.

Nothing worked.

My PC:
Intel E8400 3GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS

Any ideas?

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