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Thread Subject:
Running MatLab on 5.4 GHz Sandy Bridge computers

Subject: Running MatLab on 5.4 GHz Sandy Bridge computers

From: Mike Thomas

Date: 13 Jan, 2011 16:47:08

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I just wanted to let everyone know that the new Intel computers, the so-called "Sandy Bridge" line, have vastly exceeded everyone's expectations when it comes to how quickly MatLab projects run on them (once they are overclocked).

If anyone has projects that take a very long time to run, we would be willing to execute your code on our very fast 5.1 GHz i5-2500K and 5.4 GHz i7-2600K chips.

Go to for more information (where you can call or email).

Wishing everyone a great 2011.

Mike Thomas
Liquid Nitrogen Overclocking

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