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Thread Subject:
warning/error popup location: can it be moved?

Subject: warning/error popup location: can it be moved?

From: jarobert

Date: 23 Jan, 2011 18:05:20

Message: 1 of 1

I apologize if this has been asked before; I couldn't find anything on it. I also apologize because this is probably a really dumb question.

I like the popup warnings that show up in the Matlab editor when you mouse over a warning or error. i.e., the little yellow triangle with an exclamation point and a description of the issue that you see when you mouse over an underlined expression with a warning or error in it. However, they're a bit underfoot. The display too close to the line I working on and I click on them instead of the line I want to edit or they obscure what I'm looking at is more than one warning in a region.

So obvious question: is there any way to get them to display a little further away from the highlighted line?

I'm using 2009a if that matters.



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