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Thread Subject:

Subject: inputParser

From: Andy

Date: 25 Jan, 2011 19:44:04

Message: 1 of 1

I'm trying to write a function that needs very flexible calling syntax. I've been looking at the inputParser for the first time, and it's been very helpful, but I don't see the ability to do the following.

Suppose you have a function myFun which has one optional argument. The optional argument can be either 'opt1' or 'opt2':

function myFun(varargin)
  p = inputParser;
  validOpts = {'opt1' 'opt2'};

But what if, when the 'opt2' is chosen, you also want to specify an additional input parameter? So I would want the following to be valid calls:

> myFun % no opts
> myFun('opt1') % option 1
> myFun('opt2',4) % option 2 with additional parameter
> myFun('opt1','opt2',4) % should ERROR; 'opt1' and 'opt2' should be exclusive

Other than doing this by hand (i.e., checking p.Results.opt1 and p.Results.opt2 for simultaneous nonempty entry and adding an additional optional input for the parameter 4), is there a way to do this with the built in inputParser class?

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