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Thread Subject:
Help for creating a circular surface plot

Subject: Help for creating a circular surface plot

From: Camille Couzi

Date: 14 Feb, 2011 16:52:03

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Hi everyone, I really nead some help for an issue.
I am working with energy spectra of wave measurements.
I have a matrix E wich is 48*90, as I have :
- 48 frequencies : 0.02:0.01:0.48
- and 90 directions: 0:4:356 (ÂșN)

I have already made my surf, contourf and imagesc plots, but now I need to make a directional plot.
I would like to plot a kind of surf, but based on a circular basis.
So I would have frequencies as rho, directions as theta, and my energy data would be the data I plot in the ciruclar basis.

I you want to have a image to can go to:,r:27,s:53&biw=1920&bih=866

These are contour plots, I would like to get surface from that.

Dou you have any idea of how I can get that?
Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

Subject: Help for creating a circular surface plot

From: Camille Couzi

Date: 15 Feb, 2011 13:34:04

Message: 2 of 2

Hi again,
I have solved part of my problem with that method:

pcolor(X,Y,Z); %for circular contour plot
(or surfr(X,Y,Z); for circular surface plot)

but I get a plot without any ticks on the axis, and moreover, when I try to customise the datacursor, it is impossible to get the exact positions on the circle...
so I don't think this is a good solution.
Anybody has an idea?
thanks for the help!


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