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Thread Subject:
A problem in plotting the fourier series !!!!

Subject: A problem in plotting the fourier series !!!!

From: Animesh Pandey

Date: 1 Mar, 2011 17:11:04

Message: 1 of 1

syms an bn a0;
syms t n;
syms x;
y = sym(0);

x = heaviside(t+0.5)-heaviside(t-0.5); %Square pulse
f = @(t) x;

an = int(f(t).*cos(n*pi*t/T),t,-T,T)*(1/T);
bn = int(f(t).*sin(n*pi*t/T),t,-T,T)*(1/T);
a0 = int(f(t),t,-T,T)*(1/T);
y = a0;


for i=-N:2:N;
     y = y + subs(an, i) + subs(bn, i);

ezplot(i,y), grid on % Problem point

I am not able to print 'y' which is the fourier series of the square wave !!!!
Please help !!!!

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