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Thread Subject:
shapewrite and matlab

Subject: shapewrite and matlab

From: Jonathan

Date: 3 Mar, 2011 19:21:04

Message: 1 of 1

I have a matrix (5541*2) containing longitude and latitude coordinates. I am trying to write an ESRI shapefile using the shapewrite function. My script is:

x = a(:,1); %longitude
y = a(:,2); %latitude

%create a 1*1 empty structure that can be written using shapewrite

%add data to structure
[shp(1).X]=x; %x is your eastings column
[shp(1).Y]=y; %y is your northings column

% name and create file path

%write the shapefile

The problem I'm having is that when you bring the newly created shapefile into ArcGIS, the attributes (i.e. lat, lon values) associated with each point are not displayed (you can only see these values in matlab). Does anyone know how to get the actual point values to be be also available in ArcGIS?


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