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Thread Subject:
automatic modulation recognition

Subject: automatic modulation recognition

From: jessica david

Date: 4 Mar, 2011 10:13:20

Message: 1 of 2

I need to implement an algorithm for automatic modulation recognition using matlab. I am planning to do this by using pattern recognition, I have read about the decision tree approach, it says to "ideniify the constant envelope signals (CW, FM, FSK). PSK sigals are
not considered as constant envelope signals, since in practice
they are band-limited, which leads to a non-constant
envelope. The feature used to identify the envelope variations
is the maximum of the squared Fourier transform of the
normalized signal amplitudes "
How can i implement this technique in matlab, i need help with the code. I also need to calculate the instantaneous freq/phase, etc. I am using a .wav file.

Subject: automatic modulation recognition

From: Aliya

Date: 28 Dec, 2011 11:15:09

Message: 2 of 2

hey are u still working on it?

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