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Thread Subject:
Help in converting a function to 'heaviside' !!!

Subject: Help in converting a function to 'heaviside' !!!

From: Animesh Pandey

Date: 8 Mar, 2011 13:34:22

Message: 1 of 1

This is a numeric function
t = -1.1 : 0.01 : 5;
f = @(t) 2.*((t>=0) - (t>=1));
y = -f(t+1)+f(t-2);
plot(t, y, 'r'), xlim([-7 7]), ylim([-3 3]), grid

The signal has a period of 6 units and extends from -1 to 5 in this code.
I want to use 'syms' and represent it using 'heaviside()'.
Please help !!!!

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