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Thread Subject:
Manipulation of strings in cellarray

Subject: Manipulation of strings in cellarray

From: Robin Jens

Date: 14 Mar, 2011 21:02:07

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What if I have a cellarray containing some strings:


cellarray={'' 'Best-Bak.hh-belldd-2mm'}

Every string has one thing in commen. All strings contain tre spaces '-'. I want to delete all from each strings after the second '-'. This means I should get:

cellarray={'' 'Best-Bak.hh'}

I know I can use regexp to manipulate the strings, but I am not very good at it.

Best Regards

Robin Jens

Subject: Manipulation of strings in cellarray

From: Jeremy

Date: 14 Mar, 2011 21:56:06

Message: 2 of 2

Hi Robin,

I would do something like this:

for i = 1:size(cellarray,2)
 temp = strfind(cellarray{i},'-');
 cellarray{i} = cellarray{i}(1:temp(2)-1);

Seems like that should take care of it.

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