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Thread Subject:
how to put the function sparse

Subject: how to put the function sparse

From: wahyoe Unggul

pink (view profile)

(wahyoe Unggul)

Date: 26 Mar, 2011 09:14:04

Message: 1 of 1

Can you give advice, how to put the function sparse in the following matrix form

for i=(1:m)
    RB=[Cx(i)/Cxz(i) 0 Cz(i)/Cxz(i);
        0 1 0 ;
        -Cz(i)/Cxz(i) 0 Cx(i)/Cxz(i)]
    RG=[Cxz(i) Cy(i) 0;
        -Cy(i) Cxz(i) 0;
        0 0 1]
    if Cxz(i)>0.001
        R=[0 Cy(i) 0;
          -Cy(i) 0 0;
          0 0 1]
    RT(:,:,i)=[R zeros(3,3);
               zeros(3,3) R]

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