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Thread Subject:
Plotting Amplitude and Phase spectrum .... (Help needed)

Subject: Plotting Amplitude and Phase spectrum .... (Help needed)

From: Animesh Pandey

Date: 1 Apr, 2011 13:43:04

Message: 1 of 1

syms an bn a0;
syms t n;
syms x;

T = input('Enter the Time Period: ');
N = input('Enter the number of terms: ');
x = input('Enter the function: ');
f = @(t) x;

an = int(f(t).*cos(n*pi*t/T),t,-T,T)*(1/T);
bn = int(f(t).*sin(n*pi*t/T),t,-T,T)*(1/T);
a0 = int(f(t),t,-T,T)*(1/T);
y = a0;


for i=1:1:N;
     y = y + subs(an, i).*cos(2*pi*i*t/T) + subs(bn, i).*sin(2*pi*i*t/T);


t=-5 : 0.01 : 5 ;
plot(t, er), grid;

This is a program to plot Fourier series of any function using Symbolic Maths Toolbox.
I want to plot the Amplitude spectrum and Phase spectrum of the functions ...... how can I do that ????
Please help !
Thanks .... !!! :)

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