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Thread Subject:
Matlab and industrial camera

Subject: Matlab and industrial camera

From: Aron Sceidt

Date: 7 Apr, 2011 13:03:06

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I'm looking to buy an industrial camera and the supplier provided me with this information regarding connection with Matlab:

There are several ways to use our cameras in Matlab.
- Winvideo class, part of Matlab
- TIS Imaq Plugin, will be provided on demand.

I have no idea what this means and I'm currently doing my research about it as I don't want to waste money on a camera I cant use. So have anyone ever used any of these techniques? And what does it require?

Subject: Matlab and industrial camera

From: ImageAnalyst

Date: 7 Apr, 2011 13:17:53

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Contact your local imaging value added reseller (camera sales
representative). Any decent VAR should be able to get you a loaner
camera to use for a week or two. Here is a list of supported cameras:
so no need to waste money ,since you can try before you buy.

Yes. I've used those techniques.
1. If you want to use a webcam, or your industrial camera, as a
webcam or general purpose camera, you can use the winvideo mode. This
will have limited capability since it has only common generic
functionality that is commonly available to the majority of cameras
out there.

2. An industrial camera may also show up with additional modes where
you can use it with the MATLAB image acquisition adapter built
specially for that camera. This will be the more powerful way to use
that camera because it may have special capabilities built in to the
adapter that are not accessible if you're using it in the generic
winvideo mode. Evidently this is what your supplier is calling "TIS
Imaq Plugin." This is the preferable mode to use.

3. Finally, you can use the camera directly (I believe though I
haven't tested it) without the Image Acquisition Toolbox if you use
LoadLibrary() and make low level calls directly to the SDK/DLL of the

Good luck,

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