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Thread Subject:
equations implementation ... Image & DWT

Subject: equations implementation ... Image & DWT

From: Twilighter

Date: 10 Apr, 2011 02:04:05

Message: 1 of 1

I'm a beginner in matlab & I did read the intro of matlab toolbox, Image processing toolbox help but it seems hard for me to implement equations …
i really need to go through the equations in the attached link image
I need to get the results of equation (3)

so if anyone knows how can I begin through this, or have a suggestion for me that would make matlab much easier for me to go through
please, help me
at the beginning I do the DWT decomposition to get I3
I do the following code
[cH3,cV3,cD3] = detcoef2('all',C,S,3);
[cH2,cV2,cD2] = detcoef2('all',C,S,2);
[cH1,cV1,cD1] = detcoef2('all',C,S,1);

then I need to implement the equations in the attached link
click the photo then zoom it
if anyone knows a website where I can upload the image to it, so you can download it with full resolution please tell me about it
any help is appreciated, thanx

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