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Thread Subject:
License problem with parallel toolbox

Subject: License problem with parallel toolbox

From: PLH

Date: 15 Apr, 2011 14:38:22

Message: 1 of 2

Hello all,

I'm trying to run a batch job on my local machine, but I'm getting the error message

??? Error using ==> distcompserialize
Unable to checkout a license for the Parallel Computing Toolbox

Error in ==> findResource at 155

Error in ==> distcomp.pGetScheduler at 11
sched = findResource('scheduler', 'configuration', config);

Error in ==> batch at 145
scheduler = distcomp.pGetScheduler( batchArgs.Configuration );

I only ever run code on my machine (not a cluster over a network etc..), and I DO have the parallel processing toolbox. I frequently use it and last used it exactly the same way about 3 days ago.

Recently, my machine had been crashing, and it may be possible that some batch jobs weren't properly destroyed - could anyone suggest a way to fix/diagnose this please?

Many thanks,


Subject: License problem with parallel toolbox

From: PLH

Date: 18 Apr, 2011 06:47:04

Message: 2 of 2

Alternatively, how can I query the expiry date of my licenses?



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