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Thread Subject:
writing data actserver

Subject: writing data actserver

From: wahyoe Unggul

pink (view profile)

(wahyoe Unggul)

Date: 6 May, 2011 16:36:05

Message: 1 of 1

hi all
I have a problem writing data actserver xls

Excel = actxserver('Excel.Application');
ExcelWorkbook = Excel.workbooks.Add;
% Create some sample data.
myData = magic(20);
myOtherData = rand(10);
xlswrite1(comb1.xls, myData, 'mySheetName', 'B2');
ca = {'Column Header 1', 'Column Header 2'};
xlswrite1(comb1.xls, ca, 'mySheetName', 'B1');
ca = {'Row Header 1'; 'Row Header 2'};
xlswrite1(comb1.xls, ca, 'mySheetName', 'A2');
xlswrite1(comb1.xls, myOtherData, 'myOtherSheetName', 'B2');
% Then run the following code to close the activex server:
clear Excel;
??? Error: The object invoked has disconnected from its clients.

Error in ==> tes2 at 315

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