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Thread Subject:
Export data to .WRL format (VRML)

Subject: Export data to .WRL format (VRML)

From: Liana

Date: 7 May, 2011 04:49:04

Message: 1 of 1


I'm need to export axes data from MATLAB GUI to .WRL format.

% Code snippet
hold on
hold off

Then I need to open 'output.wrl' in order to see the results:
>> myworld = vrworld('output.wrl')

myworld =

vrworld object: 1-by-1


>> open(myworld)
??? Error using ==> vrsfunc
Error reading VRML file: C:/Users/Liana/Documents/MATLAB/output.wrl, line 625: Unknown node
type "NaN"

Error in ==> at 16
  vrsfunc('VRT3SceneOpen', w(i).id);

Also, if I double click on 'output.wrl', then it is opened in the Editor instead of VRML viewer. So, why did I get the above error message?

Thanks a lot!

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