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Thread Subject:
multiple panels in gui by matlab

Subject: multiple panels in gui by matlab

From: ahmed

Date: 5 Jun, 2011 11:14:04

Message: 1 of 2

I have multiple buttons and I need to add panel to each button, in other words when if I press on the button, its panel will appear.

The problem:
I don't know how to add multiple panels to the same gui, if any know how please answer me.
thanks alot

Subject: multiple panels in gui by matlab

From: Sadik

Date: 6 Jun, 2011 04:50:05

Message: 2 of 2

Hello Ahmed,

This should get you started:

% Open a new figure window. This will be the panel.

h = figure;

% Set properties. If you want a modal window, that is, if you don't want the areas outside the window to be clickable, you should set the 'WindowStyle' property to 'modal'.

set(h,'MenuBar','None','Resize','Off','Name','You can name this as you want','NumberTitle','Off','Position',[100 128 845 500]);

% Put a button on the panel. You can put any other thing you want: edit box, etc.
uicontrol(h,'style','pushbutton','units','pixels','string','My Button','Callback',@figure,'position',[100 100 100 100]);


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