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Thread Subject:
meshing building in matlab

Subject: meshing building in matlab

From: nman2084

Date: 7 Jun, 2011 17:21:04

Message: 1 of 1

    tri = delaunay(x{i},y{i},[]);
    colormap gray;
    h = trisurf(tri, x{i}, y{i}, z{i});

I need to know whether there are any options in matlab to mesh buildings. The above code does a mesh but it is not providing accurate picture of the building.

Also is there a way to control the triangle properties in triangulation, like
max triangle tilt angle, max triangle edgelength, min angle.

I am also getting this following warning when i run the code:

Warning: qhull precision warning:
The initial hull is narrow (cosine of min. angle is 1.0000000000000000).
A coplanar point may lead to a wide facet. Options 'QbB' (scale to unit box)
or 'Qbb' (scale last coordinate) may remove this warning. Use 'Pp' to skip
this warning. See 'Limitations' in

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