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Thread Subject:
Updating graph edges with slider value

Subject: Updating graph edges with slider value

From: Kelsey

Date: 14 Jun, 2011 19:42:02

Message: 1 of 1

I have MATLAB code that plots 3d position data and calculates and plots edges between neighboring nodes based on a user input distance. (If a node is within a certain distance of another node, an edge is plotted.) Now, I'm trying to use a slider so that the user can change that input distance value and see the resulting change in the graph. I've been messing around for quite a long time using get and set in both the function that initially plots the data, and the slider callback function, but I can't successfully get the graph to update. I can get the graph to use the first value from the slider as the input distance, but when I drag the slider, nothing happens. Could someone out there with more MATLAB experience explain how to use the get and set functions for my problem?

Thanks very much!

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