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Thread Subject:
window focus switch in editor when clicking on mlint message

Subject: window focus switch in editor when clicking on mlint message

From: Richard Crozier

Date: 17 Jun, 2011 16:04:04

Message: 1 of 1

I often use matlab remotely connecting to a machine running Scientific Linux via the NX client. When I hover the mouse over a piece of text in the editor underlined due to some mlint message a little box with a message about the error pops up. If I click on this box, focus is switched to the matlab command window.

This means I am in a race to click on the line before the box comes up, every time I want to fix an error of any kind, or just click on a line that has an mlint message. If I lose, I am sent to the command window.

This is very very very very annoying.

Particularly as I typically use the Editor popped out of the main interface in a separate window.

Is this a bug, and does this happen to everyone, or is it just because I am connecting via NX? Is there a way around it? I'm using matlab r2009a, and would prefer not to turn off mlint completely.

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