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Thread Subject:
read big HDF file

Subject: read big HDF file

From: edward kabanyas

Date: 14 Jul, 2011 06:59:13

Message: 1 of 1

Hi Brother !

I'am reading a biq HDF as below:

sd_id = hdfsd( 'start', 'edward0345.HDF', 'rdonly' );

[ndatasets,nglobal_attr,status] = hdfsd('fileinfo',sd_id)
for icnt = 0: nglobal_attr-1;
attribute_name = hdfsd('readattr', sd_id, icnt);
hdfsd( 'readattr', sd_id, hdfsd('findattr',sd_id,'attribute_name') );

for icnt = 0: ndatasets-1
sds_id = hdfsd( 'select', sd_id, icnt )
[ds_name, ds_ndims, ds_dims, ds_type, ds_atts, stat] = hdfsd('getinfo',sds_id);
ds_start = zeros(1,ds_ndims);
ds_stride = [];
ds_edges = ds_dims;
[ds_data, status] =hdfsd('readdata',sds_id,ds_start,ds_stride,ds_edges); % "ds_data" is the data.


ds_data is in array format as: 49x9248 int16. How to to extract a range of elements from ds_data as in normal array ? Or first, how to sea the contain of each element ??

Thank you


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