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Thread Subject:
not getting movie out of this

Subject: not getting movie out of this

From: nman2084

Date: 18 Jul, 2011 00:50:09

Message: 1 of 1

Not getting the movie instead see a image but nothing in the avi file.

mov = avifile('example.avi', 'fps', 30, 'quality', 100, 'compression', 'none') ;
% Record the movie
rots = [0:1:360];
for i = 1:100
fmt_txt = 'Rock %s, Volume in cubic feet = %5f';
title(sprintf(fmt_txt, rockName{q}, vol_ft3{q} ));
xlabel('X (feet)'); ylabel('Y (feet)'); zlabel('Z (feet)');
axis vis3d;
M = getframe(gcf);
mov = addframe(mov,M);

mov = close(mov);

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