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Thread Subject:
using plotm, can not see the coast line

Subject: using plotm, can not see the coast line

From: edward kabanyas

Date: 21 Jul, 2011 06:22:08

Message: 1 of 1

Hi alls !

I want to make a contour plot along with the coastline of the coverage area. I use the following code:

 lat = -19.9750 : 0.05: 70;
 lat = sort(lat','descend');
 lon = 70.0250 :0.05:160;
%size of gms_cal = 1800 x 1800

levels =210.0:5.0:260.0;
[ch,ch]=contourf(lon, lat, gms_cal, levels);

axesm('Frame','on', 'MapProjection','eqdcylin','MapLatLimit',[-20 70], 'MapLonLimit',[70 160], 'Grid','on', 'MeridianLabel','on','ParallelLabel','on')
coast = load('coast.mat');

The result must be a contour plot with the coastline of the area. However, I can not see the coast line, only the contour plot. How to make the coastline is visible ? Or is the coastline not visible because of the background of contourf?

If you could help, it really appreciate it.


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