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Thread Subject:
make a list of input

Subject: make a list of input

From: edward kabanyas

Date: 23 Jul, 2011 06:49:09

Message: 1 of 1

Hi all,

Again, I would like to ask a question about matlab.

I analyze many input files and so far I write my matlab code in the same folder with the data. I make a list of my input as (I am working in windows machine):

dos(' dir /b *.txt> list');

while ~feof(fid)

It is then very simple to take the input file from the list (fname) by using any open file command.

Now, I want to separate the matlab code and data, the data in one folder and the matlab code in another folder. I use the following code:

 dos('dir /b ..\data\ *.txt >list')

The output is:
index.html. I also get a comment as

File Not Found

ans =


But I get a list of input as mentioned above with index.html at the end..

What I need is:

Do you have any experience with this problem ? I hope you could share with me. Thanks for your help.


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