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Thread Subject:
classifying by neural network

Subject: classifying by neural network

From: joveria

Date: 27 Jul, 2011 13:33:09

Message: 1 of 1

 my project is to detect the shapes of red blood cells. for this i have extracted features and made a feature vector. now i have to classify them into 5 classes i.e capsule shape, burr shape, crescent shape, tear shape and schistocytes. for this i am using neural network and code is like:
capsule =[feat{1} feat{2} feat{3}] %import data
cap =strncompi(feat{4},'Capsule',1);
 i have trained the network. now i want when i test it it should give result like:

  belongs to class this

what should i give in if condition so that it tells me that this belongs to this class suppose capsule. i am new to neural network so do not have much understanding. plz guide me in this because no much time is left.
thans in advance

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