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Thread Subject:
legend handlevector problem

Subject: legend handlevector problem

From: J G

Date: 31 Jul, 2011 02:28:12

Message: 1 of 1

Is it possible to construct a legend so that one legend entry is given for two handle-vectors? For instance, in the example below can I make the legend look like this:

(red) o ^ = 0.1
(blue) o ^ = 0.2
(cyan) o ^ = 0.3

handlevector(1) = plot(x,A1,'redo');
hold on
handlevector(2) = plot(x,B1,'red^');
handlevector(3) = plot(x,A2,'blueo');
handlevector(4) = plot(x,B2,'blue^');
handlevector(5) = plot(x,A3,'cyano');
handlevector(6) = plot(x,B3,'cyan^');

h = legend((handlevector([... ?

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