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Thread Subject:
Fortran MEX: mexfunction_ symbol lost when autoparallelising

Subject: Fortran MEX: mexfunction_ symbol lost when autoparallelising

From: Thomas Clark

Date: 6 Aug, 2011 15:47:10

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Hello All,

I've posted this problem in great detail at the Intel forums...

... but thought I'd mention it here in case someone from the MATLAB world had seen this very unusual error.

Essentially, I'm compiling a FORTRAN mex function (x86-64, Intel FC v12, Suse linux) which works perfectly when run in serial mode.

However, when I use the -parallel flag in compilation (IFC allows auto parallelisation), the mexfunction_ symbol is lost from the resultant MEX file. Hence, MATLAB can no longer run the file.

Something wrong with the linking stage, I think - but no idea what!

Anyhow, If this sort of problem sounds familiar to anyone, it would be good to hear from you!



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