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Thread Subject:
patch object pixelated when converted to PDF

Subject: patch object pixelated when converted to PDF

From: Lisa

Date: 13 Aug, 2011 01:54:29

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dear list,

i created an arrangement of several patch objects, some of which are lines, others circles. for the circles i used fill.m which also refers to patch. in the resulting matlab figure, edges are smooth but when i save it as a PDF or PD (both manually or using print), the circles become pixelated (while lines are still okay). i checked this on multiple independent machines which no improvement. has anyone of you come across this particular problem? any advise is highly appreciated.

best regards

Subject: patch object pixelated when converted to PDF

From: Jan Simon

Date: 13 Aug, 2011 20:02:28

Message: 2 of 2

Dear Lisa,

Crossposting confuses the ones who want to assist. So please react to the answers in one forum before answering in the next.

As I suggested already elsewhere, only using the Painters renderer creates scalable PDFs, while the ZBuffer and OpenGL renderers create pixel images even when PS, EPS and PDF files are created. The renderer can be set to OpenGL automatically by MATLAB, e.g. if some objects are transparent. Setting the renderer explicitely might help, e.g.:
  figure('Renderer', 'Painters')

Kind regards, Jan

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