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Thread Subject:
Cross-correlation between many frames

Subject: Cross-correlation between many frames

From: Susan

Date: 29 Aug, 2011 11:04:10

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Hi all,

I would like to perform the crosscorr function on images which contain intensity data fluctuations. I have been reading up on cross-correlation and the workings of the code, however I am unsure how to apply it to many frames.

I have obtained my data in an .avi file and have split it into it's individual frames. I have say 5000 frames and I would like to correlate every individual odd frame with every individual even frame (the reasons for this I won't bore you with). If I perform crosscorr on say frame 1 and 2, the next would be crosscorr between frame 1 and 4 etc. I would like to maintain correlation values for each frame pair.

Ideally I would like to have a graph of XCF values vs. lags; most values would be about zero (no-correlation) and some certain values would be at some specific lag. However, I am aware that this will be a very large amount of data. Does it seem feasible to simply plot the max XCF value and lag for each frame pair rather than the entire XCF plot?

I would assume that values would converge to a common lag.

Am I going in the right track?


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